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As a Certified Master Coach and President of Own Up!®, Jennifer T. Long ushers leaders and companies through the tough talks and “awkward” interactions needed to achieve improved performance and lasting growth. Those that are too afraid to try will be left behind. With over 35 years of experience, her insights are founded upon the principles and practices that built her brand and the results bring meaningful change in companies far and wide.

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Culture-Changing Accountability Conversations

With Own Up!®, Master Coach Jennifer T. Long challenges managers and leaders to stop wringing their hands about accountability and own up to their communication shortcomings. Jen’s simple framework is a clear and achievable approach that turns conventional ideas of workplace accountability on their head. Rooted in building honest relationships with your people, Jen encourages managers to start having the tough conversations. There’s no time for avoidance. Eliminate drama and earn ownership from employees by honestly addressing performance reviews, simplifying feedback into actionable items, and giving people the tools they need to improve. The question is, will you own up to your duty as a manager or let drama take over?

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Accountability Coaching for Managers & Leaders

It’s possible to be a manager who gets their people to do their jobs and do them well. Own Up!®—the signature coaching program from Master Coach Jennifer T. Long—gives managers step-by-step tactics for managing performance and gaining ownership from employees.

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Drama Free Accountability

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